Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Womans Life

I guess it really doesn't matter what age we are...I think we have our heart somewhere other than work. It's Sunday evening, and I must start organizing for work for the coming week. It has been a wonderful weekend of being home and being creative. I remember being younger, wishing to be home with my children, wishing that I didn't need to work in order for us to survive. These thoughts remind me of what an old friend told once. I was wishing for a home on the lake and he said, " You move to the lake and it isn't a special place to go anymore", it becomes everyday life." So...I go back to work tomorrow and will return to that special creating space soon. Thank you God for the talent that you give me to earn a living in order to live my passion.

ps...and I love you my sweet daughter-n-law and I pray that you can be home with your children one day soon.

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