Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Changing things around the House

There has been alot of changing and redoing around the house lately. The first thing that happened was the decision to change the reds to turquoise throughout the house. I have always been a red person, own a red car and had red in every single room in my house.

Love my Turquoise Bag

I have kept having this attraction to the turquoise and decided it was time to make some changes. Changes started with simply a new bedspread with tones of browns, golds, green and light turquoise. Some call it a seafoam, some call it a blue, but I love the shade of a pale turquoise stone.
One thing after another keeps happening. Found someone to paint the living area. Not a easy thing since we have 16 foot ceilings. Had to move all the furniture out or to the middle of the room.
Things never went back on the walls. New painting are hanging, but not done yet. Then sold my dining table and bought an antique farm table. Now, I need chairs. I don't want all the same kind. I want the personality that comes with the mismatched chairs. Kind of the Anthropology look.

Then the guys that I had hired to remodel the bathroom called after two months of waiting. Demolition begin last Monday morning.  Whew! Most people do these things one at a time. Not me...I like chaos. Or atleast it seems that way.