Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall is simply the best time of the year…..the weather starts cooling off and all the plants that were struggling through the end of the hot summer start to perk up again. This is the season where one can bring the outside in - where inspiration for decorations is the outdoors.  Fall is such a beautiful season that brings endless possibilities for the creative soul.

The pumpkins and guords are absolutely beautiful in all the varieties the come in. I have started changing out the floral arrangements in the house with touches of brown, rust and golden tones. A few pumpkins here and there, inside & outside the house. I bring out the Halloween décor throughout at the same time.  Check out some of my falls picks on Pinterest.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Please let me explain

Please let me expain where I have been. I have been suffering inside and lost all my interest. Blogging, crafting, all creative juices gone. Reason…. I lost my wonderful friend of 11 years, Butch, my Burmese Cat. He came to me at a time in my life that I needed company. I was very lonely and his companionship was priceless. When I met my husband, they both became friends instantly and formed their special bond. Most said, they never had met a cat like Butch. He stayed next to me wherever I went and every room I went to…Then, one day, he got sick. Out of the blue. I just noticed that he was not himself. I’ll never forget that morning when I petted his head and rubbed his nose, that it was dry. Generally, moist like most cats. Something was wrong. I sensed it. I called the Vet and he didn’t see anything through an exam so he said he needed to run blood work. He was stunned, I could tell. He said that his kidney readings were off the chart. If he was a human, he would be a candidate for a kidney transplant. He immediately took him to the other exam room and ran a sonagam. I couldn’t believe it, he said his one kidney was gone and the other nearly gone. Kidney failure. He kept him, pumped him full of antibiotics and fluids hoping to save my friend. Two days later, they called and we had to go say goodbye. He was suffering. He didn’t act like the Butch I knew. He was in pain and suffering. Dave & I said our goodbyes and shed a million tears. I miss that boy. My special Butch.