Saturday, September 26, 2009

I will try and post some new updates and photos soon. Been traveling the last few days.
Spent a day in Santa Fe and the next in Taos. Now have landed in Pogosa Springs for a few days 0f r&r. Be back soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Seems like when I get the busiest in my work, I have a million projects around the house I want to complete. I am in this organizing, re-organizing, and cleaning mode. Dave sais I organize to re-organize. And I have more work and projects than hours in the day.

  • Needed some new art for the dining room - got that done. (Posted the art in an earlier post)

  • The messy garage was driving me crazy...I hated when the garage door was open and people looked in our garage and saw nothing but a hug mess. Made a huge dent in that. Removed all the objects from the wall facing the road, painted it and did a little decorating. So many visitors come to this door.

  • I have been cleaning out my closet and making a stack of clothes that I never wear to sell on ebay or take to the resale shop. I would be happy dumping the entire closet and starting over. Just wish they were a size smaller.

  • Started cleaning my hobby room tonight. I bought a new cabinet for my wood stamps and ink. Wow, this made a wonderful difference in getting everything in one place. I really love stamping the more I learn about it.

  • Been listening to my real estate cd's in my car on marketing, listing and selling. These are tapes that we picked up at last years National Realtor Conference. It is getting me in the mode for this years conference in San Diego.

  • Feeling truly blessed for my life, my family and health.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainy Saturday Morning

Nothing is better than a rainy Saturday morning and just being lazy. As you can cat agrees! We don't often take the time to enjoy the simple moments in life. Not usually by choice, but more because of family needs, work, and matters that required being done right now. You can thank me for the rain....we started painted the exterior of our house LOL! I love spending a Sat. morning in my jammies, wondering around my patio enjoying the beautiful vegetation in my courtyard and reading my favorite blogs. Blogs people ask me...I sometimes think I am hooked on these things. I have several decorating, scrapbooking, and artist blogs bookmarked that I like to read through from time to time. Hey! I have a real estate blog that I write....

As I was reading through some blogs this morning, I discovered a new blog with a great fall wreath idea for the front door. This would be great for the fall and can be made from things around the house or for very little cost. Fall is just around the corner...and with Oklahoma weather it can go from summer to fall in the matter of a day. You can find the direction's at Morning T if you would like to make one of these wreathers. Hope you have a good weekend!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Decisions Decisions

Saturday I attempted to find the just right painting for my dining room wall. I painted the wall chocolate brown a few months ago and the painting that had hung there on the red wall just seemed to not be the same on a brown background. I had bought a beautiful print at Kirklands but it seemed to get lost on the brown wall. It was apparent that I needed something with a lighter background. I bought two totally different prints and both looked good. Not fabulous...just good. So...I am trying them both out. My last pic was of a cat and here I am with another cat print. Is it obvious I like black cats?
I kinda like this one hanging over the door going into the laundry room....I might just keep it too!