Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring is here, all the flowers are in bloom. This photo from Better Homes and Gardens makes me want this room attached to my house. I love the colors, the freshness and it just makes you smile. Just looking at this you can smell the air and feel the sunshine. I found it interesting that they didn't choose any window treatment at all. Listing homes, I come in contact with some many different personalities that one my want to enjoy the view and another needs curtains to close at night so no one can see in. Regardless, light bright rooms sell houses. And the rooms is all painted a neutral color that appeals to all. Once the furniture is out of this room, anyones furniture will fit in this room. Keep these things in mind if you are listing your home. Light bright rooms, neutral colors, uncluttered surroundings are some of the important tips to remember.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Very Vintage Spring Ephemera Swap

Thanks Jessi for your comments and making me want to swing over to your blog. Just in time for the spring swap. I participated in the Christmas one and so very glad I did! If you think you would enjoy this go to her site Kids Napping, I'm Scrapping. and check it out. The Christmas swap was my 1st time for doing a swap. It was not hard at all! I have many friends that participate in these throughout the year.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Where to go with My Blog

I've been thinking alot about my blog lately. Its obvious there has been no motivation in the past month to post. Part of the reason is that it is Spring. Spring means busy time for Realtors. It has been nonstop for me. Very little time for me. I read many many DIY decorating blogs daily as a way of unwinding.

So here is my thought. I have been wondering if I should start doing something like that in the terms of what I tell people everyday to help sell their home. I would be interested in hearing your feedback and thoughts on this idea.

Here is a cute little plaque that I made for a couple as a closing gift...
Take an 8"x8" board and paint it black. Print out the words on paper using a software that allows your some creativity. I use CorelDraw, mainly because I have used it for years and you can do anything with it. Apply it with ModPodge and here you go!