Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Garden

When I need to escape, I go to my little yard...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Somedays are more than we can take....

I love this pic of my little Anna that her Mom took. Taking time to import photos from my ipad and hopefully get some blog post done. Hope you are having a wonderful (much cooler than ours in OKlahoma) weekend.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 Where Bloggers Create

Welcome Friends to my Blog...Foxhollow Tales. Where did the inspiration for the name of my blog name come from ? Simply, I live on Foxhollow Drive and its about my day to day life. The 2012 "Where Bloggers Create Blog Party" gave me the inspiration to blog again. I have been staying nights with my Dad, that is ill since this past February. I have missed being in my creative space. So here it tiny little room. I
My space hasn't changed alot since last year, I moved a few things around. And I must normally isn't this clean. If I am creating...things are everywhere!

It was a treat meeting Karen Valentine, our wonderful host, in Texas this year at the Paper Cowgirl. She is as beautiful inside, as outside. Thank you Karen, for hosting the blog party once again this year. It is such a treat seeing others  creative spaces. There are some truly inspirational spaces as you skip around looking at everyone else's blogs.

Here is my Creative Space

An old purse of my Mom's with colorful flowers.
It makes me smile.
Vintage jewelry, flowers and lace are my passion.
I love my old parts cabinet for storing my small enephera.

An old printers tray with memories and collectables.
I had a desk & shelves custom built in the odd shape little room, no  desk that I tried ever seemed to fit.  
This is just a fraction of the ribbon I own...I have it wrapped on cards in boxes in the closet organized by color. 
I loved this little bag of my Dad's, and put it to use for storing my vintage photos that I collect.
An old folded book is perfect for notes and photos on my desk.
Above my desk my little women fly...

This is where most of my creating happens...if you look closely you can see lots of paint, cuts, & burns but thats what makes it perfect.
This is just a few of my many stamps....
The best special helpers, my granddaughters, Ava & Anna
And we can't forget little Chopin, our Burmese kitten. He sleeps in this antique grocery cart in the corner of my office. 

Thanks for stopping by...I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed sharing. 

Peace be to all.