Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ruffled shower curtain tutorial & other HGTV.com articles

I just had a whole round of HGTV.com tutorials published, so I thought I would share the beauty shots and a link to each tutorial. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peace Keepers

I haven't posted a recent class that I took from Debbie Schuh when she was in the area. Debbie is from New York and was in Texas before going to Paris to teach this same class. An no...that isn't Paris, Texas. She used products from 7 gypsies, Ti Holtz-Idea-ology and May Arts. 
I loved her description from her blog about these projects...
Peace in my heart and peace in this world is my prayer for this year, and one of the tools I'm going to use to help me achieve that is by tucking my cares and my prayers into this enchanting 7gypsies receipt holder. Once my prayer is written down and tucked away, I can rest in giving it to God. Filled with reminders to believe and be brave and to have hope, this display board can hang or stand on an easel and hold pictures and thoughts to encourage you along the way.  A separate mini album can hang on a clip or be tucked in your bag to carry with you. That's my inspiration, but, of course, you can use this beautiful project for anything you can imagine!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Won!

I am so totally thrilled to find out late this evening that I was the winner of the Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration Workshop. What a thrill this was for me. I posted on the Guilded Life Blog a few weeks ago for a chance in their give-a-way to this workshop. And after receiving an email that I was enrolled, I couldn't figure out why I got that email. Was it a mistake? So, I went to check it out and the next thing I see the posting of the latest winners. I will keep you updated with what I am learning...