Monday, October 25, 2010

The Union's Elton John and Leon Russell is is a rich, lyrical stew. Rating: * * * *

Gospel-flavoured ivory tinkling Sixties singer-songwriter Leon Russell was a huge influence on Elton John, who belatedly repays the debt in this career-reviving collaboration. The result is a rich, lyrical stew of southern country soul, with flourishes from choirs and horns This is the review written by...By Neil McCormick.

I downloaded the album on Itunes this past weekend and have been listening to the collaboration of these two great artist for days now. They were in their prime when I was in high school. A few months ago, I had reconnected with an old high school friend on Facebook that my greatest memories were of us discussing Elton John in biology class.  Leon Russell's music has always been a favorite of mine that I have continued to play throughout the years. I guess my favorite song was always "Song for You" or was it ""Back to the Island" , "Lady Blue", "A Hard Rains Gonna A-Gonna-Fall",
Elton mentioned in an interview that he hadn't done a live album in years. Everything for the past few years have been digitally produced. Elton said he will never go back to digital. I loved that. Its pure.

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