Monday, October 29, 2012

Glitter Market

This past weekend I went to Oklahoma City to the Glitter Market. This is a small event every year just at the beginning of the holiday season. This was started by the gals at the Paper Crown, one of the best little scrap book stores around.  There is always a line of people to get in and I met some of the nicest people & made new friends standing in this line. As I have went through the past few years, I have been so fortunate to get to know many of these artist. They inspire me and give me just a good feeling inside when I see their smiling faces and their creations.
The talented artist that makes the jewelry that I love is Charlotte Perez. I met her two years ago at the Guilded Life in Dallas, Tx. She was a vendor there and I couldn't get over her work. I bought a couple pieces then and continue to buy more and more. I can't get enough of her jewelry. Not only do I love her jewelry, I love this creative woman. I look forward to going to Spellbound in California with her in a couple weeks and getting to know her better.  This is the piece I bought....beautiful, huh?
This beautiful journal was done by Robin Thomas, a talented friend I have come to know from Oklahoma City. I met her at Silver Bella, in St. Louis, a few years ago. I felt lucky to purchase this beautiful piece of work from her. She and I will be flying to Spellbound together in a couple weeks.
It seems like every year, Jackie Peters draws a crowd. The minute the door opens, everyone rushes to her table and good luck getting anything. Seriously, people start grabbing it up like its Black Friday at Walmart. You could understand if you saw her work. I read her blog, Good Grief Girdie and never cease to be amazed at her talents. She teaches many classes at Paper Crown. I had eyed these creations on her blog. So very glad that I got one.
This year there was a few new vendors....and I especially loved this one, the artist were Arlene Jacobs & Kay Tanger. They made these these beautiful cakes & angels of paper.

How lucky can I be...I love being with these beautiful creative souls, inspiring me to create. I want to mention a few more of the folks in this event that I cannot leave out....I will cover then in my next post. 

And at the end of the day...I come home to Dad being in a distressed state with his breathing. Dave & I tried to convince him to go to hospital. He would not. So, the next morning, we insisted he had to go. Once again...he is admitted for pneumonia. Keep my sweet Daddy in your prayers.

Friday, October 26, 2012

This evening was a moment of creating some gifts for friends at the oncoming Spellbound. It is fun just to release and let your creative juices flow...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Exciting Things Ahead

The year has flown by me and I can hardly remember it. It is hard to believe that we have come home after staying with my Dad for 8 months. It was very hard to leave him in the hands of the hired help. They are very qualified and much more than I to take care of him.  But, I can say that it is wonderful to slowly be getting back into my old routines. Blogging, crafting at my work table in the evenings, having a nice glass of wine with my husband when he arrives home from work, and sleeping in my own bed.
Now I have to share with you about my upcoming art event that I am attending in California.

Spellbound is the name of the event. Part of keeping true to the "Guilded Life" aesthetic, the historic Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California is where the event will be held. The hotel embraces the legendary tradition of luxury of the original Langham grand hotel of 1865 and is set on 23 acres overlooking San Marino.  Here are a couple photos....doesn't it look wonderful? Guess I've got to find my tiara.
Then I want to share a couple photos of classes that I will be taking. I will be taking 5 classes total, plus going to the Hollywood Bowl Flea Market.  
I took a class online from the gal that will be teaching this class. It will be so nice to meet her in person. 
I adore this...a few years ago, I made some versions like this...not quite as elaborate. I will be in my element in this class. I'm envisioning putting my granddaughters in one of these. 

Any of my friends that would see this necklace, could envision me wearing it. I'm a little nervous, just as much excited about learning the soldering technique for assembling this beautiful piece of jewelry. So, now I'm off to gather my supplies for classes, plan my wardrobe, & get started making some small gifts for friends. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We have been home for one week. This time we have come home to stay. I have hired full time help for my Dad.  I spent the week stocking the refrigerator, cleaning out the flower beds, planting fall plants, raking leaves, and doing some deep cleaning around the house.
I'm hoping to be back blogging and crafting soon. I bought my first Mac for the home just about a month ago. I am really loving it, and hope to kick out the other desktop any day now.
Just a few weeks away from my trip to California, to Spellbound. A wonderful event where all my artsy friends will gather for a few days of classes, shopping, fellowship, a time of sharing and learning new techniques and skills. Its a little intimidating being with most of them, because most of these girls are very talented artist. I hope I can keep up. I guess I just need to focus on just having a good time and everything else will fall into place. More later....