Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Steve Jobs will probably never speak to me again for announcing before his launch. That's okay, he never speaks to me anyway.....
Tomorrow is the big anouncement of the Apple Vook. As you know it would be a wow! if Apple is excited about it...kindle move over. This is multimedia enjoyment.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

My evening companion.
He is our Burmese cat that I have was given when I lived alone.
He is around ten years old
His loves his Halo salmon treats and runs when I open the cabinet they are in
He sleeps with me and my husband
He has disappeared twice for a few hours and scared us to death.
We were devastated since he has not claws (front or back).
He loves to watch me on the computer
Every now and again he even walks across the keyboard to help me out.
Spelling & grammar ya know?
I blame him for my mistakes when leaving comments on your blogs.
I love that cat!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Duncan Demon Bracelets!

My crafty neighbor is making the cutest Duncan Demon bracelets.... check them out. They would make cute Valentine's gifts for those special girls in your life.  If you are interested in one....you can contact her at kerrybarrick1@hotmail.com.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Here I Come!

Here it is the second week into the new year....my Mom used to tell me that time flies must faster the older you get. Oh how right she was! And how I wish she was around to talk and share my life and thoughts with...miss you Mom!

So, my goal for the new year is to make some impact with my work blog and hopefully a slight impact with my personal blog. This blog is actually a time to share my thoughts, photos, would love to get feedback on things that I post, I just wish I knew how to get my blog out there for more to read...if you can help me, send me your thoughts!

So, do you have a Wii? Do you use it much? I bought one last year with an attempt to use it for exercising. It hasn't happened.  So, I am going to buy "Just Dance". I have heard others say it was a blast, you work up a sweat...and I like the sound of both those things. I would love to hear your feedback if any of you have one. Let me know!