Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well I returned on Wednesday of this week from Art and Soul in Las Vegas…it was a glorious three days learning a new craft from the best artist in the nation and Canada. I felt lucky to have the opportunity to do this. My good friend, Sheryl and I had planned this trip several months ago. We were like two school kids full of excitement about attending.

We stayed at the Paris Hotel. It was quite pretty and if Paris looks like this, its a nice place...LOL.  We spent long days in class and chose not to go outside the hotel after dark. Our first day there we had went out to shop a little and started seeing some unique characters come out after dark.
The slot machines and gambling are not my thing. I rather spend my extra cash on the art and art supplies, which I did. Oh, I should add that I bought some MAC lipstick that had just came out on the market and lucky they had it in stock. I am a huge fan of MAC products and try to hit their show whenever I am in a place it is available.
My first class was with Julie Haymaker, Ship of Dreams. She is an accomplished artist teaching how to use a simple dry brush technique over a background collage of vintage torn paper , and then adding more collage elements to create our whimsical design She taught us how to texture the image with pencils, fabrics ,mica, glitter and embellishment. Then my favorite part was learning how to create a simple painted whimsical face.

The next day, my class was with Lisa Kaus. She was my full intention for going to meet her and learn her technique. She was everything and more that I expected. A very kind soul and excellent teacher. We explored mixed media techniques incorporating found object, painting, collage and wax on a small but heavy duty 3-dimensional wood substrate. Using a simple shape of a bird, house, flower, or another simple motif. We explored painting techniques to create unique artwork. I learned all about Golden Absorbent Ground and its amazing range of possibilities. I am totally addicted to Golden products now. We used them in both classes. It doesn't yellow over time like mod is archival safe.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feeling this need to do some blog, they call it. Especially, when I get so inspired reading other blogs. Trying to decide whether to drop my real estate web site and totally focus on the real estate blog. That's work...this is relaxation.

So...I love my Canon camera but I really want one with alot of fancy lenses.  Saw this wonderful camera bag...gotta wait till I get that fancy camera.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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