Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Exciting Things Ahead

The year has flown by me and I can hardly remember it. It is hard to believe that we have come home after staying with my Dad for 8 months. It was very hard to leave him in the hands of the hired help. They are very qualified and much more than I to take care of him.  But, I can say that it is wonderful to slowly be getting back into my old routines. Blogging, crafting at my work table in the evenings, having a nice glass of wine with my husband when he arrives home from work, and sleeping in my own bed.
Now I have to share with you about my upcoming art event that I am attending in California.

Spellbound is the name of the event. Part of keeping true to the "Guilded Life" aesthetic, the historic Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California is where the event will be held. The hotel embraces the legendary tradition of luxury of the original Langham grand hotel of 1865 and is set on 23 acres overlooking San Marino.  Here are a couple photos....doesn't it look wonderful? Guess I've got to find my tiara.
Then I want to share a couple photos of classes that I will be taking. I will be taking 5 classes total, plus going to the Hollywood Bowl Flea Market.  
I took a class online from the gal that will be teaching this class. It will be so nice to meet her in person. 
I adore this...a few years ago, I made some versions like this...not quite as elaborate. I will be in my element in this class. I'm envisioning putting my granddaughters in one of these. 

Any of my friends that would see this necklace, could envision me wearing it. I'm a little nervous, just as much excited about learning the soldering technique for assembling this beautiful piece of jewelry. So, now I'm off to gather my supplies for classes, plan my wardrobe, & get started making some small gifts for friends. 

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