Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We have been home for one week. This time we have come home to stay. I have hired full time help for my Dad.  I spent the week stocking the refrigerator, cleaning out the flower beds, planting fall plants, raking leaves, and doing some deep cleaning around the house.
I'm hoping to be back blogging and crafting soon. I bought my first Mac for the home just about a month ago. I am really loving it, and hope to kick out the other desktop any day now.
Just a few weeks away from my trip to California, to Spellbound. A wonderful event where all my artsy friends will gather for a few days of classes, shopping, fellowship, a time of sharing and learning new techniques and skills. Its a little intimidating being with most of them, because most of these girls are very talented artist. I hope I can keep up. I guess I just need to focus on just having a good time and everything else will fall into place. More later....

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