Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tongue in Cheek

Have you ever read the blog, Tongue in Cheek?
The author is Corey Armaro, a beautiful soul I met at the Spellbound event in California last week.  Her story captured me.
Since returning home I have been checking her blog consistently to read more. Interesting enough, she writes about when her father had become very ill and dealing with the sadness of his sickness and his death...that is where I am today. We brought my Dad  home from the hospital this time after a four week stay. He is requiring round the clock care. Finding help, trusting, good, reliable help in your home is not an easy thing to do. I still worry about things such as...will Dad like them, is he ok with me hiring these people...when all along...he is in no position to make the decisions. I must do that.  Life seems to be bringing me close to so many that have been there with a parent.  We share our stories, our heartbreak, the stress and the tears. Its a very hard thing to do, watching a parent dying. So as I read Corey's blog tonight, it touched my heart. My heart to keep blogging, expressing my feelings regardless of how I feel about my lack of skills in writing.

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