Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ice Resin Junky

Just over a year ago, I took an online class with Kristen Robinson, one of the most accomplished artist in the ice resin industry. Her class was easy to understand and I got the full concept  of how to mix and use ice resin. Crazy as it may cat got sick a couple days after I poured the resin and died 3 days later. I emailed Kristen in my panic state, and she assured me that she felt it wasn't the resin product. Regardless, I was in grief and couldn't go on with the rest of the class.

When I found out that Kristen was a teacher at the Guilded Life, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to meet her in person and learn from the best.  Words cannot express what a beautiful person she is. Her teaching skills show her generous heart and willingness to share her talent.  She is a sweetie. Hopefully, one day I will go and take another class from her.

I can honestly say...I think I am a ice resin junky.  I ready to make more jewelry with the resin.

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