Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spellbound Continued

I could go on for days about Spellbound...I was organizing my pics tonight and here are some more thoughts on the event. Spell.bound (spel-bound) adjective: a feeling of being enchanted, fascinated...
The location was perfect, located at the beautiful and historic Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California. My pictures don't do it justice...
It was a special treat for myself, getting away to such a majestic place with creative friends. What good memories I have...here is some intricate cutting
Debrina Pratt's La Petite Ballet was so much fun. I had bought some of her work in the past and enjoyed the opportunity to meet this quiet & sweet gal that was a pure delight to be with.  I actually took another class from her called Little Blessings Shrine. Isn't this adorable?
I enjoyed opportunities to learn more techniques in soldering jewelry, in Kristen Robinson & JoAnn Pierotti's classes.  I talked about Kristen in an earlier post, and I must add that JoAnn is such a great teacher and taught me not to be afraid to try it and practice to get better. Create my own style. I added a great pic that I borrowed from JoAnn's blog, this is our class and we all encouraged each other with our baby steps in learning. It was full of laughter and a few burned fingers. 
Its late and I'll probably post one more time about my Spellbound Event. Got some great photos of the Hollywood Bowl Flea Market. 

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