Monday, July 13, 2009

Here is a pic of a print that I did several months ago.
Lately, I have been pretty excited about the opportunity to go to Lisa Kaus' class this coming February. I had emailed her several months ago and she is finally going to be somewhere in a place & time that I can get away and go take her class. Go to her website and check out her work. So, you can see that is the style that I love making. .

When I was young, I took some art lessons in watercolors, charcoals and oil from an artist that was a family friend that lived in Comanche. He later went on to live in Santa Fe, NM and sell his work there. I think he did quite well. However, that had nothing to do with my abilities... I continued doing some painting and made a few Christmas gifts one year. Later when I had children, all that stuff went into storage and never was seen again.

So here I am in my later life, children grown, feeling inspired to be creative once again. I really enjoy making cards for others, its been one of my first attempts to my creativity. I really like this piece that I painted and did some paperwork on canvas. Its kind of a mixed media form of art.

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