Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Things to Share...

Found this wonderful free internet radio station. Nothing better than having a station that plays the music you love. Its called Pandora, and you simply list a favorite singer or group and it plays all similar style music. Try it!

Then on Angry Chickens blog....she comes up with a great suggestion for making up tea that will keep in the fridge for up to a week and not having to have a huge pitcher that takes up space. Here is what she has to say...

Instead of making large amounts in big jugs that are unruly, cumbersome, and seem to strain my wrists, I make 3 small batches in mason jars, highly concentrated. Very highly concentrated. Then I just pour a tiny amount in a glass with a ton of ice and water. Done! The jars of this concentrated tea last about a week in our house because really, you only need a tablespoon or so. And the beauty here is 3 mason jars take up no room in the fridge at all;

Go to her blog to get the full details....

I have just been working so much that there is so little time for doing some creative stuff that I have setting here waiting on me to get started. I painted two canvas this week getting the backgrounds ready for some projects that I have in my mind. I need some down time to create!

This week while working, I had to take a drive out to Lake Humphrey to a listing that I sold. I always grab my camera when I got out because I love all the wild turkey and deer around the lake. Here are a few of my pics from that day.

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