Thursday, July 9, 2009

Check out these places!

Oklahoma History Center

We took a day off and went to Oklahoma City to visit the Oklahoma History Center and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I had no idea had wonderful both these places were to visit.The OHC is more than just a facility dedicated to educating the public about Oklahoma’s history. Actively working with other agencies and individuals interested in preserving the It is located at 2401 N. Laird Ave., Oklahoma City, OK. They have a limited time display of all Oklahoma's rock history. You feel like your somewhere else than in Oklahoma when you walk through this. I have lived my entire life in Oklahoma and today the wealth of information was amazing about things that I never knew about Oklahoma. Never learned in Oklahoma history, from the countless educational trips my children and I went on at the state capitol and museum tours. This place offers so much more in learning about Oklahoma.

This is a pic of the reproduction of the plane Wiley Post was flying when he and Will Rogers died in a plane crash. Wiley Post was quite a character. The original plane flies in the Smithsonian. I have been fortunate enough to be there and have seen it.

Oklahoma City of Museum of Art

The Oklahoma City of Museum of Art is located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City's Art District, 415 Couch Drive, OKC. The Museum is home to a permanent collection of European and American art, including an exceptional collection of Dale Chihuly glass, and the Midwest's premiere repertoire cinema, which presents the finest international, independent, and classic films. The Chihuly glass exhibit is worth the visit alone. We had seen some of his work at the Atlantis in the Bahamas a few years ago and had come to know of his work from our visits to the Northwest.

Another fun thing that I would like to go back to is the Roof Terrace is open to the public on Thursday evenings (May - October) from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. for Cocktails on the Skyline. The Roof Terrace is a gathering place for downtown workers, adventurous suburbians, pre-concert and film goers, and the art crowd. Located atop the 3-story Donald W. Reynolds. Wow! That would be fun. And its all right here in Oklahoma!

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