Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Freezer Meals Recipes

Wow! this reminds me so much of the days when my kids were young and it was all your could do to get a good and nutritous meal on the table for your kids. Its not their fault that we have to work...they deserve to have something good for them and not some fast food packed full of calories or some preservative that who knows why there are so much cancer or other illness in children today. Read the additives on the packaged foods you are buying...and then look up what some of those things are. Scarry! I must say. So...for all you young Mom's out there, I salute you! Its not easy raising kids. Check out some of these recipes. I am going to try a few myself. Let me know if you do and how they are....

Good Freezer Meal Recipes

Chicken Nuggets
Fannie Farmer’s Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Beef Stew
Chicken Tetrazzini with Caramelized Onions (make the alfredo sauce from scratch – it’s very easy)
End of Summer Vegetable & Fresh Herb CasseroleOne Skillet Lasagna
Chicken Enchiladas
Spinach Black Bean Lasagna
Ground Beef and Tomato Manicotti
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

You can also search the freezable meals at My Recipes or the make ahead recipes at Whole Foods. And be sure to go over to where these recipes came from and all her other great thoughts on making life better and simpler for Mom's!

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